4x5, Adox100, Technical Camera




This project questions the contemporary struggle of sexualisation through the representation of women and sensuality in classical paintings. How can we still censor a nipple in an era where porn is so easily accessible and so accepted? Representation of woman with their breasts out is flooding in classical paintings. Hidden eroticism had spread under the cover of myth and allegories.
How ironical is it that Liberty is having a “nipple slip” in the wild moment of liberation? Isn’t that freedom? Is this sexualizing her? Regarding Instagram censorship, it is. Oh wait, no it’s a classical art so it’s okay.
Does nudity has to be associated to the vices and shame of sexual pleasure? Manet shocked the prude XIXth century audience with a bold painting frontally revealing the bigotry. The other way around, dressing up women doesn’t make them necessarily less sexually loaded.